Cohort 2 Agritech Ramp-Up Program

Business Development Grant Winners

The Agritech Ramp-Up Pilot (Ramp-Up) Program is pleased to announce the winners of the $25,000 Business Development Grant from cohort two are:

  • Nature Recombined Sciences Inc.
  • INHUB Farms

At the Virtual Pitch Event on September 12, cohort two presented their learnings, demonstrating their progress in overall market readiness, financial and management capacity, and potential for scale up and immediate sales.

Each participant was scored by a panel of agritech experts, including Robert Napoli, Sandra Wear, and Tom Urban. The top two companies were selected for the $25,000 Business Development Grant.

Based in Port Coquitlam, Nature Recombined Sciences Ins. (NRCS) has developed an environmentally friendly process to extract key antimicrobial ingredients from plant materials. With the antimicrobial ingredients they extract, NCRS plans to produce a botanical sanitizer as a natural and safer alternative for food processors, with a focus on the mushroom processing industry, organic growers, and processors.

“The Ramp-Up program provided great value to Nature ReCombined. The Ramp-Up coaches helped us discover a product-market fit and useful strategies to close our gaps on the way to commercialization,” said Guan Lim, CEO of Nature ReCombinded. “Our assigned mentor, Mike Manion, also introduced us to very valuable connections from the mushroom industry as well as government agencies/consultants that can accelerate our product commercialization. NRCS will utilize this grant from IAF to further along our product development with key partners.”

INHUB Farms is developing a network of smart farms using automated cloud-connected stacked farming units that maximize grow space and utilize autonomous logistics operations. They grow mushrooms in these smart farms and mimic how mushrooms grow in nature. INHUB’s smart farms offer an innovate, environmentally conscious option to growing mushrooms in cities.

Nature Recombined Sciences Inc. and INHUB Farms join the cohort one grant winners, PickAssist (Lyne Systems) and QuantoTech Solutions Inc., and mark the successful end to the Agritech Ramp-Up Program.

The Agritech Ramp-Up Pilot Program is funded by the Government of British Columbia and delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC.