Here’s a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Agritech Ramp-Up Program. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us.

Based on the information provided in the eligibility and application forms, the Program Team will assign an initial CRL. The team may reach out to the applicant if further information is required – but we recommend being as specific and detailed as possible in the forms.  At the completion of the MVT training a company’s CRL will be re-evaluated by the Program Team and again at the end of Phase 2 mentoring, coaching and networking, if a participating company is selected to continue on. Progression along the CRL continuum will be used as a method of evaluating a company’s performance in the Ramp-Up Program.

100% attendance is required to be eligible to proceed to Phase 2 – mentoring, coaching and networking. If you are unable to attend in-person, an online option will be made available.

Completing the training sessions in-person adds dramatically to the impact of the program on your business. While it’s possible to complete the training online, we strongly recommend taking the time to attend the sessions in-person.
An innovative food product or process, for this programs purposes, is primarily defined by the uniqueness of the product and/or packaging. New products that contribute to health and wellness or reduce waste are examples that may apply.

One member of each successful company is invited to join the training sessions. We strongly recommend that individual is the CEO or founder of the organization.

Following each training session, participants should expect to complete 8 to 12 hours of ‘homework’.  This is in addition to the online session following each in-person session.

Mentors or coaches are assigned based on their experience as it relates to your company and specific product as well as your specific mentoring or coaching needs.  The objective is to pair companies with mentors or coaches that will provide the most value.

The Ramp-Up Executive in Residence, Mike Manion, is the resident mentor and will act as a guide throughout. Targeted coaches/mentors will be engaged as opportunities/challenges arise (e.g., need for regulatory proofing).

No, only 6 of the 12 participants in each Cohort will be selected to continue to Phase 2 mentoring and coaching.  Selection of participants for Phase 2 is based on a 100% attendance and participation in the MVT sessions and those companies with the highest CRL at the end MVT session.

Participants will have a opportunity to interact with the public at a customer facing booth, where you can explaining their innovation or product and receive feedback.

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