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This program is designed to enable entrepreneurs to move their ideas to commercial realities. We do that by providing training, coaching & mentoring, networking and funding.

Open to entrepreneurs focused on

Primary Production

Primary production with a technology or innovative approach.

Innovative Food

Innovative food products and processes.

Agricultural Technologies

Agricultural technology entrepreneurs.

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Your company has a chance to compete for a $25,000 grant!

Two cohorts will be brought together in 2022 for intensive Market Validation Training; the first hosted in January 2022, followed by a Spring Cohort in April 2022.

A select group of successful organizations will receive ongoing Coaching, Mentoring and Networking in Phase Two of the Ramp-Up program.

Additionally, the top two scoring companies from each cohort will be awarded a grant up to $25,000 and could be offered a place in the SFU Agritech Sandbox Program.

Phase 1

Three-day Market Validation Training

Phase 2

Specialized coaching, mentoring and networking for successful cohort participants.


The top two organizations from each cohort will receive a $25,000 grant and may be offered a place in SFU’s Agritech Sandbox.

“[Upon completion of phase 1], we completely rebranded. The [program] helped us figure all this out.”

Patrick Lemieux

“I think the course is amazing the amount of gained knowledge with a focusing lens on success is extremely valuable.”

James Irwin

“I was very impressed with how prepared and effective the course was. The mentors were amazing – a huge thanks to them. I also got great value from the breakout rooms.”

Christopher Mark

“I really liked the exercises to keep us engaged and the concepts that we learned and being able to apply them to our business.”

Kyle Born

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