INHUB Farms Pivots Strategy After Learnings From

Agritech Ramp-Up Program

INHUB farms praises the value of the Agritech-Ramp Up Program (Ramp-Up) after pivoting their strategy upon completing phase 1 of Ramp-Up. Patrick Lemieux, founder of INHUB farms, described that the company has, “changed our [business] model and we changed our name from Akitig Mushrooms to INHUB FARMS. We believe that our new INHUB FARMS name really reflects our mission, to setup a smart mushroom farm in the hub of every city, creating a new healthy local food supply. We have completely rebranded. The [program] helped us figure all this out.”

The rebranding of INHUB Farms includes a brand-new website. Check it out here:

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The Agritech Ramp-Up Pilot Program is funded by the Government of British Columbia and delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC.